Reports and Reviews

Victims’ Commissioner’s 2021, Victims Law Policy Paper is available here.

Centre for Women’s Justice, EVAW, Imkaan, and Rape Crisis E&W’s 2020 Decriminalisation of Rape: Why the criminal justice system is failing rape survivors and what needs to change is available here.

Dr. Mary Iliadis’s 2020 Adversarial Justice and Victims’ Rights: Reconceptualising the Role of Sexual Assault Victims is available to buy here.

Dr. Ravi Thiara and Sumanta Roy’s 2020 Reclaiming Voice: Minoritised Women and Sexual Violence Key Findings is available here.

Victims’ Commissioner’s 2020 Rape survivors and the criminal justice system is available here.

Information Commissioner’s 2020 Mobile phone data extraction by police forces in England and Wales is available here.

Eamon Keane and Tony Convery’s 2020 Proposal for independent legal representation for complainers in Scotland is available here.

Tom O’Malley’s 2020 Review of protections for vulnerable witnesses in the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences is available here.

Sir John Gillen’s 2019 Report into the law and procedures in serious sexual offences in Northern Ireland is available here.